WildBlue Brings High-Speed Satellite Internet To You

Satellite Internet is fast becoming rural America's answer for high-speed Internet service. Available virtually anywhere within the contiguous U.S., WildBlue picks up where Cable and DSL Internet service ends.

So if you're stuck with dial-up, switch to WildBlue. You'll start downloading files at speeds up to 30x faster than dial-up*. Plus, you'll surf faster, stay connected longer and download more than ever before.

WildBlue High-Speed Satellite Internet and Our Special Offers

When you order WildBlue Internet, you get the high speeds of broadband Internet, state-of-the-art equipment and the security and reliability of doing business with a leading satellite Internet provider. Leave dial-up in the dust and start enjoying WildBlue high-speed Internet today!

WildBlue vs. Dial-Up

Waiting on dial-up can really slow you down. And with more video, better graphics and the increasingly complex functionality on today's websites, dial-up will only get worse. WildBlue offers a much faster alternative to dial-up. Check out the differences in the chart below.

Learn about Exede Internet, a brand new service from ViaSat. Exede Broadband offers amazingly fast speeds thanks to new satellite technology.

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